The new brand with a strong tradition

The new brand with a strong tradition

The new brand with a strong tradition

The new brand with a strong tradition



35 years
of experience in the production of motor yachts

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Our shipyard has been building boats for leading European and American brands for 35 years.

After accumulating knowledge, experience and technical skills, several years ago we decided that for the first time in our history we would prepare our own exclusive and limited-edition yacht design, whose parameters go beyond market standards, based on artisan production and detailed, painstaking manual refinement.

We would like to share the result of our intensive work lasting more than two years with you at the exhibition in Dusseldorf on January 20, when we will present for the first time our new brand “Wiszniewski Yachts” and our debut model, the W43.

We envisioned this premium dayboat with a client in mind who seeks a timeless aesthetic, blending classic style with modern solutions and practical functionalities.

Michał Wiszniewski


The art
of slow production

The W43 is a combination of a wealth of knowledge accumulated over 35 years of producing motorboats and a passion that allowed us to achieve an effect that goes beyond the scope of creating luxury yachts. The meticulous attention to design details, unhurried, manual refinement of finishing and limited production make this yacht unique.

13.85 m

Overall length

3.72 m


8,8 t

Weight incl. engines

800 HP

Outboard engines


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Experience and passion
are the best materials


The founding of Ślepsk

Mr. Józef Wiszniewski fulfilled his long-standing dream by founding a private production company M.P.P.B. J.W. Ślepsk. In its initial stages, the company operated with a small team, focusing on construction activities and the fabrication of metal and structural components for the construction industry.

The first shipyard operations

Life took an unexpected turn, influenced by a series of unusual events. The Ślepsk company, almost by happenstance but driven in part by the Wiszniewski family's passion for motorboats, found itself involved in shipyard operations and the manufacturing of small rowing, motor, and sailing boats.

The first significant contract

Pivotal moment for the shipyard as it secured its first significant contract, initiating a long-term partnership with the American company Brunswick and commencing the production of Quick Silver motorboats.

Development of manufacturing capabilities

The commencement of work in auxiliary production departments supporting the shipyard’s activities. This included establishment of the modelling department, stainless steel department, carpentry department, as well as the plastics and plexiglass processing department. Simultaneously, we initiated the creation of our logistics department and introduced the first fleet of our own trucks for boat transports across Europe.

The company's evolving expansion

The Ślepsk shipyard experienced significant growth, surpassing a workforce of 300 employees.

Establishment of KOVER - an upholstery operation

A branch of the Wiszniewski family establishes an independent enterprise, the KOVER Upholstery Plant, specializing in the production of premium upholstery products for motorboats and sailing yachts.

Sea Ray yacht production

A significant milestone in the company's progression involves the acquisition of an established production facility known as Z2, marking the commencement of collaboration with the esteemed global brand 'Sea Ray', also part of the Brunswick group.

Creation of a windshield and fairing department

Creation of a new shipyard support department - the fairing and windshield department.

New contracts, further development

Beginning cooperation with another well-known brand "Buster" from Finland, owned by Fiscars, and workforce now exceeds 700.

Production of Bayliner yachts

We strengthened our portfolio by acquiring another formidable partner — the American brand Bay Liner, a member of the Brunswick group. This marked a significant leap forward in the development and expansion of the Ślepsk company.

Axopar yacht production

We marked the commencement of collaboration with the intriguing and distinctive Finnish brand "Axopar." Which, through shared objectives and diligent efforts, has evolved into a prominent, professional, and globally influential player in the nautical world.

Purchase of a CNC machine

Another significant step forward with substantial progress in our modelling department. We invested in cutting-edge CNC machines to produce plugs and molds, catering not only to the internal requirements of the entire Ślepsk operation but also extending our services to external clients across Europe and beyond.

Production of XO yachts

The same year marked the commencement of a collaboration with the Finnish company "XO," known for its innovative hybrid aluminium and laminate boats.

Plant expansion

We created the Z3 production plant, dedicated to advancing the development of the Axopar brand.

Axopar Brabus yacht production

The addition of specialised production plant for a new project for "Axopar Brabus"

Construction of the Z4 plant

Continuing our expansion efforts, we establishment our fourth production plant, Z4, contributing to the ongoing growth and enhancement of the Finnish brand "XO."

Multi-level development of the company

We achieved further development, surpassing the production of 2,500 boats annually. Further advancements included expansion of the logistics department, boasting a fleet of over 30 transport vehicles that deliver boats across Europe and beyond. The workforce now exceeds 1,000 employees.

Creation of Wiszniewski Yachts

Marked a groundbreaking moment as Józef Wiszniewski and Michał Wiszniewski (father and son) co-founded "Wiszniewski Yachts." This venture initiated the prestigious W43 boat project, inspired by a legacy of craftsmanship.

Establishment of a powder coating facility

The company opened a dedicated auxiliary production department – a state-of-the-art powder coating shop for painting aluminium and stainless steel products.

Further strategic development

Annual production soared to over 3,000 boats and the workforce expanded to more than 1,300 employees.

Expansion in the USA

The company embarked on international business expansion, acquiring a company in the USA dedicated to servicing and selling motorboats in Florida. This strategic move marked a significant step toward introducing the W43 boat to the American market.

Plant expansion

Witnessed the commencement of construction of the fifth production plant Z5, designed to accommodate the manufacturing of large motor boats up to 15 meters in length and weighing 14 tons.

Rand Boats production

The company expanded its portfolio of production clients by welcoming Danish boat brand, "Rand Boats," known for its extraordinary and innovative designs and offerings with electric engines.


Slow Your Life

We often spend our lives in a rush, neglecting our leisure time, relaxation and the things that truly matter to us. Yet, when we carve out those rare moments for ourselves or our loved ones, we aspire for them to be unique and distinct from the usual routine. W43 offers you access to previously unreachable destinations, allowing you to immerse yourself in extraordinary landscapes and encounter emotions that transform these moments into unforgettable experiences.



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